References - Texel artist Angelina van der Vliet - Stiehl

A couple of references:

.........................."Hai Angelina, from my parents we got this beautiful wedding gift, a painting painted by you from our very special little church in Den Hoorn. We are very happy with it and want to thank you for your creation. Love (Elte en Annemerijn)

"Hello Angelina, thank you for the special encounter. Your painting is beautiful and we are very happy with it. Have a nice day, greetings." (Kitty en Harmen)

"Dear Miss. Stiehl, we are very happy with the painting and it looks beautiful in the livingroom. (Roos)

"Dear Angelina, we are very happy with the painting!! Kind regards." (Richard en Katinka)

"Goodmorning, we look every day with pleasure at the painting!"(Fam. Van Ginkel)

"Beautiful! Angelina. This is the way I know, feel and experience De Slufter and Texel.. Kind regards." (Kees)

"Hai Angelina, thanks again for the pleasant way in which mother and daughter lead us through your art to make the right choice. "The works of art fit exactly on the place that we had in mind. Kind regards from the both of us." (Ada en Anjo)

"The painting arrived in good shape !!! Luckely. Tomorrow or Sunday we're going to hang it up. We will send you a picture. We found it also very special and are very happy with it." (Heleen en Leny)


Here you will find some pictures of my work with the current owner or at home with the current owner.

Do you see a painting you like? I can paint a painting for you in the way you wish.

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